How a cyber army of your own employees helps beat the cyber skills crisis

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Surges in cybercrime like ransomware are causing unprecedented demand for skilled cyber professionals. It’s a crisis where business can’t find or afford the skilled experts they need to protect their businesses. The brain-drain to Europe and the US, where cyber warfare and rapidly surging cyber criminality is rampant, is driving demand pulling thousands of professionals … Read more

How a cybersecurity culture eats technology strategy for breakfast

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A famous phrase in business says culture eats strategy for breakfast. In other words your business objectives will not be met if your people aren’t aligned, trained, and on the journey with you. This is absolutely true when it comes to beating cyber crime. When people think about cybersecurity, they often think of technical security … Read more

How to beat the blockers that stop your business culture being cyber safe

Why is Cyber Security Training Essential? Having trained tens of thousands of people in cyber awareness we know that it delivers the biggest return and fastest cyber security posture improvement for any size and type of business for the lowest investment. Don’t just take our word for it. Ask the experts at any Government cyber … Read more

Why training employees is the best cyber security investment you’ll ever make

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Cybercrime comes in many forms some more sophisticated and organised than others. But all of it damaging to your company – which is why cyber security training is your best approach. Targeting by cyber criminals is indiscriminate. Daily, there’s millions of threats business have to deal with. In of all shapes and sizes. Only those … Read more

Technology Investment Boost – Get cyber-aware with Cyberfi and claim 120% tax back.

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ATO Website has shared details on the Australian federal government’s Small Business Technology Investment Boost and Small Business Skills and Training Boost – Which is great news for Cyberfi users.  All Cyberfi users are set to claim 120% of the costs of their training back thanks to a new tax break from the Australian Government. … Read more