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Cyberfi is an online training platform initiative of Cyber Partners Australia. Since 2015 we’ve trained thousands of people both face-to-face, remotely, and online.

Enabling Online Safety in a Hyper-Connected World

We’ve trained everyone from Juniors to Board Directors. Cyber Partners knows how to deliver effective cyber awareness training that really works.
The team has put everything we know about cyber awareness into Cyberfi to create a comprehensive yet affordable online, self-paced training experience that we promise will improve your knowledge and reduce your cyber risk.

Origins of Cyber Partners

Our name – Cyber Partners – reflects our commitment to partnering with our clients and listening to their needs.
We partner to help our customers overcome cyber challenges and safely navigate today’s hyper-connected business world.
We are also a full-service cybersecurity managed service provider. We Advise, Test, Protect, Respond and Train. We’ve helped hundreds of organisations just like yours to reduce their cyber risk and improve security.
For more about us, visit our website: