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Cyberfi is a Cyber Security Training Platform that helps your company improve its awareness and capabilities to respond to cyber-attacks.

Maintaining cyber security is never-ending task

Hackers and scammers change tactics all the time. New threats evolve daily. So it is crucial that you and your team have the right training, know what to look for and know what to do if something bad happens. In today’s business environment where everything is online, and we have more and more devices connected to the internet, your vulnerability to attack increases. Don’t get caught out. Cyberfi has been designed to be an essential part of your company’s cyber-safety strategy.

Enrol your company today and help them to be cyber safe.


“Large organisations must ensure cyber education and awareness for their workforces (ACSC, 2022)”

Larger Enterprises have greater compliance, customer reporting, reputational and regulatory obligations on them to protect systems and data.

Australian Critical Infrastructure businesses have obligations to report cyber incidents to the Government in near-real time, and if the worst happens, and they become part of a ‘domino effect’ where interconnected suppliers and customers become affected by a serious cyber incident, the Government’s cyber teams can actually legally step in and take over the incident response – and leave the bill behind.

Cyber Education is just as effective for larger enterprises as it is for every other type of company. And given the regulatory requirements on them, the case for training is even more compelling. The Australian Cyber Security Centre states uncompromisingly: “Large organisations must ensure appropriate levels of education and awareness for their workforces and communicate the importance of good cyber security to executives and customers.”

Some of the world’s biggest data breaches, which have brought hospitals, Government Departments, and even entire countries to their knees have begun with human error. Attackers often target businesses through their staff — using phishing campaigns. Training your staff to understand the kind of security risks your business faces will make them more likely to spot attacks and report them before the worst happens.

Help your staff stay aware of the cyber security risks your business faces, and how they can play a part in keeping your business information secure. Enrol your team in Cyberfi today and start the journey to a safer online business.

Learn Safe Cyber Security & Protection Protocols

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Cyber Improvement

“Business should take responsibility for securing their products and services and protecting their customers from known cyber vulnerabilities”.

Australian Federal Government Cyber Security Strategy, August 2020


Why Choose Cyberfi?

100% Online Cyber Training

Individuals or team members can start learning right away. Everything is delivered 100% online over our dedicated training platform. Access anywhere, any time.

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Self-Paced Course

The course is completely self-paced and accessible anywhere, anytime on any device. Gain Badges for each module finished. Complete the course in one go in about 90 minutes or take as long as you like.

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Scale As You Grow

No matter the size of your team, whether you are a sole trader or have hundreds or thousands of staff to train, Cyberfi is the ideal cyber training resource for any size of team. If your company needs to export the training records to a company system – that’s no problem.

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Once trainees complete all modules, everyone gets a personalised certificate of completion.

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