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Cyber Security

Awareness Training Online Course

Cyberfi is a Cyber Security Training Platform that delivers cyber safety knowledge and helps you beat online threats in a hyper-connected world.

What’s in the Cyberfi

Cyber Security Awareness Course?

Cyberfi is a Cyber Security Training Platform that delivers cyber safety knowledge and helps you beat the online threats in a hyper connected world. 100% online, self-paced and affordable. Arm yourself and your team with the knowledge needed to defend against cyber-attacks right now.


What is covered in the Cyberfi Cyber Security Course?

Cyber Security - Intro

Introduction to Cyber Security

We start with a jargon-busting introduction to cyber security, identifying what you should protect, who you are protecting it from, and strategies for building defenses against cyber criminals.

Cyber Security - Work Safe

Module 1 – Work Safe

Identifying and defending from e-mail scams and phishing. Understanding what makes a memorable yet strong password, and strategies to protect your important information.

Cyber Security - Web Safe

Module 2 – Web Safe

Understanding how attackers follow our tracks online. Confidently applying cyber safe principles to internet banking and social media. Strategies for defending systems and networks from malware attacks.

Cyber Security - Mobile Safe

Module 3 – Mobile Safe

Understanding when best to use portable or BYO devices. Strategies to protect these devices and the best way to secure your network when working from home.

Cyber Security - Cloud Safe

Module 4 – Cloud Safe

Understanding what the cloud is and its different types. Confidence in maintaining your services and strategies for securing your services regardless of how you utilise it.

Cyber Security - Business Safe

Module 5 – Business Safe

Confidence in protecting your company’s reputation for key stakeholders, customers, employees, and partners – Procedure and strategy to recover after a breach. 

“Business should take responsibility for securing their products and services and protecting their customers from known cyber vulnerabilities”.

Australian Federal Government Cyber Security Strategy, August 2020


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Learn to recognise and avoid cyber scams that could cost you thousands of dollars in disaster, disruption and fraud. With engaging, interactive content developed by qualified cyber security experts, Cyberfi is an essential part of your defense against hackers, scammers and cyber threats.

Train your team to protect themselves and your business with Cyberfi.

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Don’t let your business become a cybercrime statistic

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Of reported cyber crime incidents can be attributed to human error.

ACSC Cyber Threat Report 2020-21

$81 Million

businesses reported losses due to Emails, Phishing being the worst offender.


$33 Billion

Billion is the total losses suffered from cyber security crimes in Australia.

ACSC Cyber Threat Report 2020-21

$6.6 Million

Reported losses for Australians via Text Message Scams. Forcing new Telco mobile regulations.

ACSC Cyber Threat Report 2020-21


Learn Safe Cyber Security & Protection Protocols

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Why Choose Cyberfi?

100% Online Cyber Training

Individuals or team members can start learning right away. Everything is delivered 100% online over our dedicated training platform. Access anywhere, any time.

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Self-Paced Course

The course is completely self-paced and accessible anywhere, anytime on any device. Gain Badges for each module finished. Complete the course in one go in about 90 minutes or take as long as you like.

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Scale As You Grow

No matter the size of your team, whether you are a sole trader or have hundreds or thousands of staff to train, Cyberfi is the ideal cyber training resource for any size of team. If your company needs to export the training records to a company system – that’s no problem.

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Completion Certificate

Once trainees complete all modules, everyone gets a personalised certificate of completion.

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