How a cyber army of your own employees helps beat the cyber skills crisis

Surges in cybercrime like ransomware are causing unprecedented demand for skilled cyber professionals. It’s a crisis where business can’t find or afford the skilled experts they need to protect their businesses.

The brain-drain to Europe and the US, where cyber warfare and rapidly surging cyber criminality is rampant, is driving demand pulling thousands of professionals from Australia and New Zealand, and making the problem even worse.

Cyber Training Skills Shortage

According to September’s Australian Financial Review publication, whilst almost 70,000 people work in cyber jobs today in Australia alone, over the next few years more than 30,000 cyber positions will remain unfilled. Globally the problem will extend to more than two million new jobs in cyber needing to be created.

So what’s the solution to this increasingly challenging problem?

Paying higher salaries is a short term way of tackling the issue because retention and affordability is a struggle. There’s always someone willing to jump for a few more dollars no matter how much a business has invested in them. Increasing the number of skilled workers takes a lot of time and relying on immigration places us in a global competition for skills.

At Cyberfi we passionately believe the answer lies in creating a national cyber army of trained people who can help their companies spot, block and stop cyber threats in real time, without needing specialist IT or security technical skills.

The New Cyber Army starts with Your Employees

This army is made up from ordinary people in every job in every business. And all it takes is a little bit of time and effort in training them in cyber awareness.

All the research tells us that 90%+ of cyber incidents could be stopped before they occur if ordinary employees were better trained to recognise and react to cyber threats the moment that they occur.
That leaves the trained professionals to deal with the rest and build up the security maturity of an organistion in a systematic way.

But here’s the rub – without a trained team, cyber security staff are overwhelmed dealing with security incidents which should never have happened in the first place.

Like someone in customer service clicking on a phishing email designed to trick them into giving away their user name and password to get access to systems and data.

Like someone in the Accounts team being scammed to send money to a fake bank account.
Like someone in the sales team downloading malware-ridden software when they thought they were updating a work-related program on their laptop.

None of these problems should be happening in today’s modern business where the risks are known and the processes to deal with them readily available.

Cyber Training for Employees Means Less Risk

An untrained team of employees actually creates demand for more cyber professionals in a business, not fewer.

But sadly they do still happen, and they will continue to cause disruption and losses to businesses in reduced operational uptime, productivity, reputation damage, lost time and wasted money.
This needs to change, and we firmly believe that cyber security awareness training is a big part of the answer.

Cyber Training is Essential for Risk Management

Cyber security awareness training is a low cost, high impact solution that every business can afford and needs to implement. Using a cyber awareness platform like Cyberfi engages employees, gives them the cutting-edge information they need but importantly in an accessible, non-technical way. Cyebr security awareness training empowers employees to protect their companies and themselves in today’s hyper-connected world where a big disaster is just one click away.

If we train people systematically, one employee at a time, one business at a time, then eventually we will all be part of the solution and build the cyber army that combats this problem.

Together, we can train the nation to protect business better, up-skill our people to work safer in today’s connected digital world, and beat the cyber criminals.

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