How to beat the blockers that stop your business culture being cyber safe

How to beat the blockers that stop your business culture being cyber safe

Why is Cyber Security Training Essential?

Having trained tens of thousands of people in cyber awareness we know that it delivers the biggest return and fastest cyber security posture improvement for any size and type of business for the lowest investment.

Don’t just take our word for it. Ask the experts at any Government cyber agency like the Australian Cyber Security Centre and they will tell you that cyber training has become mandatory for every business, large and small, to defend against the scourge of cybercrime.

So why don’t we all do it?

Well, lots of reasons …. there’s information overload for starters. For many busy organistions it’s ‘just too hard’ to keep up with the detail and it’s and too hard to pull together the right kind of information that’s easily digestible for a business audience. A great deal of training is targeted at cyber professionals and way too technical. Try trawling YouTube and Google for trustworthy, relevant and useful content for ten minutes that you can build a cyber training program around and you'll see the scale of the task most businesses are facing.

Face-to-face trainers are great but a person and a PowerPoint doesn’t scale well. Big security software vendors target big companies and sometimes focus on narrow aspects of security rather than provide the comprehensive, non-technical approach that many businesses are crying out for. Or they tag training onto other paid-for products almost as an afterthought (although they'd call it a 'value add').

In a world where 65%+ of cyberattacks are happening every day to small and medium sized businesses we know there’s literally millions of customers who are being ignored by solution providers and left to their own means to find the cyber training they need, or are simply just not being served.

And to us, that’s not good enough. Everyone and every business should be able to benefit from cyber awareness training. Given the scale of cybercrime, it's long overdue.

Well now they can. We created to meet this need. Cyberfi is a low-cost, comprehensive, online, modular cyber awareness training course built on a professional learning management platform that we’ve put the web for anyone to sign up to and use. Anytime, anywhere, for any number of trainees.

Who can benefit from Cyberfi's cyber security awareness training?

Cyberfi's course modules are deliberately non-technical but that doesn't mean 'dumbed down'. Created by cyber security experts, PhD-qualified educational course designers, and amazing graphic designers, it's been designed to be as accessible as possible to a business audience from the newest junior to the CEO and Board of Directors and everyone in-between.

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Cyberfi covers a wide range of topics including how to bust through the cyber jargon, how to stay safe at work and at home, best practice security when choosing and using the cloud, what's best for security when going mobile or working from anywhere, and what to do and where to report if and when the worst happens. Packed with tips, downloads, checklists, video, quizzes, real world stories, interactive content (and a bit of fun too) we think Cyberfi is the right cyber awareness training solution for any size of business.

Did we mention it’s low cost too? And Cyberfi is available for anyone to buy and use direct from the platform.

At Cyberfi we are on a mission to arm every business, small or large, with the knowledge needed to defend against cyber-attacks and protect their people and businesses better. We hope you’ll join us at and take your own journey towards better cyber security.